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We are proud to service you with our dedicated company delivery operators who take your time and business into the upmost consideration. Due to the heavy and bulky nature of these products, we do not ship via third-party shipping services and handle all deliveries with our company trucks - to save you money and ensure that the best service is provided. 

All orders will be delivered either on a pallet or loose boxes, depending on the quantity of the items ordered. If there are any special delivery requests, please let our office or your designated sales rep know so that we may accommodate as best we can. You will be notified of an approximate delivery window and our delivery operators will personally unload all merchandise for you to your desired location.

Want to learn more?

Feel free to drop us an email with any questions so that we can help you to learn more about our products, services and the lowest prices.


We would love to partner with you in this exciting journey!

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